Te Papa Tongarewa – The Museum of New Zealand

The following links will take you to images of Margaret’s works that are part of the Te Papa collection. We have requested the rights to be able to use the images themselves on her site:

  • Christening Gown and Bonnet
    This set was commissioned by Te Papa in 1997. The gown and bonnet 
    use a particularly rich collection of the unique designs Margaret had developed for the Bush Bouquet shawl gifted to the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1982. These include kowhai, rata, ribbon wood and fern. The bodice shaping is distinctive and the ruffles used on the bonnet also introduced a new technique.
  • White Stole
    The white stole was created in 1995 and purchased by Te Pape in 1997.  The stole is hand spun and knitted fine merino and brings together elements of the Shetland lace tradition and the textile art forms of New Zealand such as Taniko weaving.
  • Coloured Stole
    This stole Stole (1999) was created at a time Margaret was exploring images of the sea near her home in Lyttleton. The lace pattern is a combination of waves and fish , in two colours.
  • Scarf
    This Scarf was knitted by Margaret for James Mack (Galvan Macnamara as he chose to be known later in life) Margaret had met him at the time he was curator at the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt and he was enormously influential in her transition of her moving from her self perception as a spinner and knitter to seeing herself as a fibre artist. He wore this scarf frequently and it was part of the collection he bequeathed to Te Papa on his death.