Filmy Fern and the new Prince of Cambridge

So we were caught by surprise this morning – the royal baby shawl was such a secret that Margaret couldn’t tell any of us. While we catch up … Tash has blogged the basics over at Holland Road Yarn.

The pattern for Filmy Fern was published in Wrapped in Lace which is available from Interweave Press in both an electronic or print format.
Margaret describes Filmy Fern as the pattern that completes her journey in  designing lace shawls. If you look closely you can see the centre and the edging are actually similar to the centre and edging of Bush Bouquet, her first full design. While this looks like a classic elegant pattern, its simplicity is deceptive – it is definitely the province of a master knitter.

Knit in 5 – 6 skeins of Gossamer merino.
Wrapped in Lace
Pattern used with permission for NZ’s official gift to William & Kate on birth of Prince George. (gift spun and knit by Cynthia Read).

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